04s Garena Debuts GO Kart

Tired from all the serious gaming and want to settle for something casual and fun ? GO Kart could be the game for you. Garena have announced GO Kart and had a early test trial during WCG Asian Championships 2010 event, offering some interesting racing gameplay on a casual and fun-going level.

There will be various modes of gameplay including a special featured “couple mode” where you can tag team with another “someone” and engage in some exciting gameplay with your race kart! We will be announcing more information soon, the game will be available for the PC somewhere this year.

gokart logo Garena Debuts GO Kart

Check out their trailer and some photos of the booth during WCG.

On a sidenote, Garena held a “Dress-up Your Avatar” contest at the event and they are consolidating the pictures. They will be up for voting soon!


03s Garena Debuts GO Kart

this is one lovely artwork

DSC 0380s 640x428 Garena Debuts GO Kart

character customization screen

DSC 0387s 640x428 Garena Debuts GO Kart

showcasing the game during the event

DSC 8505 640x472 Garena Debuts GO Kart

those babes not included in the game ^^

Do check back often as we unveil more information soon.