Twelve years of wait may be painful for some but for StarCraft fans, it was worth the wait. StarCraft  II: Wings Of Liberty was launched on July 27th in all its glory worldwide, promising an epic sequel to the original classic but is it really worth the wait or did fans actually get disappointed. I am gonna bring you in with a review of this game that might get you buying the game.

I like being straightforward and I put my own review scoreboard first before going in deeper for the review. Here’s my score for Wings of Liberty.

Story: 9/10
Single-player Campaign Gameplay
: 9/10
Battle Gameplay
(Skirmish, Multiplayer maps): 9/10
: 9/10
: 9.5/10
Battle Gameplay Visuals
: 9/10
Cinematic,3D Visuals
: 9/10
Voice Acting
: 9.5/10
playability: 9/10

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Review Content Page (Now @ Page 1)

Page 1 – Un-boxing, Installation and Start-up
Page 2 – Single-Player Campaign, Story and Battle Gameplay Experience
Page 3 – Characters, Visuals and Audio
Page 4 – Re-playability and Conclusion


We got hold of the Southeast Asia edition during the launch event, everyone who bought the game will get a dog tag (a limited metallic brush edition for the early birds), an average looking t-shirt and of course the game. For some of the folks who were picked by lucky draw, they got some free Razer or Steelseries goodies.

the back of the game

flipping the box cover open

and all its horror….

what’s inside the box

Unboxing is very straightforward, no gimmicky stuff. It’s basically the game disc in the cover, the quick-start manual and 4 guest passes. The guest passes are basically trial version of the game with cdkeys that you can pass to your friends to try out the game. For this they are including two for StarCraft II and World of WarCraft.

Installation and Starting Up

Popping in the disc into your PC or MAC, you will be greeted with the familiar way of installation style that Blizzard does, yes, that startup sound and a lovely user interface for installation. In StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the installation gives you a little twist while you wait patiently for the game to finish installing – a background music and a commentator that recaps the story during StarCraft I. Yes, a good reminder just in case you have pretty much forgotten the story.

With StarCraft II comes with the newly revised feature fully integrating with the game. You will need to create a account, followed by creating a character for our account. It was a breeze to setup your character, the first few things you wanna check it out before kick starting your campaign is to check out the options.

All the graphics, audio and gameplay tweaks can be found in the Options page itself and trust me, you are gonna love Blizzard that they are giving lots of options and room to match your liking, while taking your graphic card into consideration.

Running an average rig with Intel Core 2 Duo e6600 (yes a rather old CPU), a 975x Intel chipset board, 4GB of DDR2-800 RAM, a Radeon 4870 on Windows 7 x64, I was able to ramp up the settings to ultra and snap in some 5.1 surround sound, set with 128 channels of audio.

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