It has been an exciting CES with lots of updates and Razer teases everyone with “Switchblade”

What is Switchblade? Razer quotes it as a revolution in PC gaming on a portable gaming device.

Razer did indicate that the Switchblade will be powered by Intel’s Atom processor, running on Windows 7. It supports mini-HDMI, USB 3.0 and the standard headphone and microphone ports. This lovely baby is just 72mm x 115mm x 25 mm big and working models can be found in CES 2011.

It sports a 7-inch multitouch display, and a layer of dynamic keys on the lower screen, very much similar to an Optimus Maximus.

Don’t get too excited though – this is not going to be a retail product yet.


Razer indicated that the Switchblade is a concept design, akin to a concept car and they will be working with partners to build products based on Switchblade’s concept.

Trailer video below to give you the tease –



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