To all the final fantasy fans out there:

Jump’s latest issue has confirmed that Yuna from Final Fantasy X will be making her appearance in the game!

Apparently it was hinted before in Duodecim’s Jump Festa trailer, where she was observed to be walking on water –  A scene which most Final Fantasy fans should be able to recognise and remember.

Unfortunately, Jump only contains very few details about her character such as the her moves and special attacks. It is also made known that her EX burst summons cBahamut, Shiva and Ixion into battle, ALL AT ONCE!

It was also mentioned that “Famitsu will have a full look at Yuna next week, complete with developer commentary”.

Yuna is also expected to be featured at Square Enix’x premier event(in Japan only)  next week.

Besides Yuna, Jump also takes a sneak peek into Tifa’s fourth costume, which gives her a short red mini skirt. Sexy, ain’t it..? In order to get one’s hands on this costume, one needs to get the first run edition of the game which contains the product code needed for downloading the costume for Tifa.


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