Platform: PlayStation 3
Game: Little Big Planet 2
Developer / Publisher: Media Molecule / Sony Computer Entertainment
Availability: 18th Jan 2011
Price: S$78

It has been about two years since the launch of  the first Little Big Planet on PlayStation 3. This game has a rather interesting community where players get to create interesting levels and gameplay experiences of their own. To make things interesting, Media Molecule, developers of the game announced back then that more than 3 million user created levels and DLCs in the first Little Big Planet are brought over into the sequel.

A good way to get yourself familiar with the game is to play the story mode which comes with a tutorial to get you started.  The sequel marks the return of Sackboy, whose journey continue after the events of the original story. However, evil villain “The Negativitron” appears and uses its inter-dimensional vacuum cleaner over Little Big Planet and begin sucking whatever is on it..or in it.

Luckily for Sackboy, Larry Da Vinci, a leader of “The Alliance” saves Sackboy from a bad end and explains to him on their mission to defeat the evil menacing “Negativitron”. Will they succeed? It is up to you to save Little Big Planet as the game features over 50 exciting levels with single and cooperative play (up to 4 players max)

LBP2 adventure trailer

lovely game cover

nice design

the back of the game

Little Big Planet 2 retains the old flavor of being a platform game, mixing 3D rendered objects on a 2D plane of gameplay (2.5D). Controls with the game are pretty much the same although there is a slight twist that PlayStation Move and Eye are supported in this game.

While the sequel boasts on the theme of the game “Play / Create / Share”, the retaining of its usual gameplay behavior might be a turnoff for those who were hoping for fresh gameplay mechanics. The freshness of the sequel will be a little lacking but it is compensated with advanced level making tools and the usual fun when completing a level.

installation is mandatory

Little Big Planet 2 requires a mandatory data installation before you begin the game, it takes quite a while but thereafter, things are pretty snappy with loading of levels. Visuals of the game are gorgeous as ever with revamped graphics that makes Sackboy looking cute or cool depending on the various customizations you can do to him.

he is Da Vinci and his…3D glasses?

A quick look into gameplay mechanics, Little Big Planet 2 features some new devices such as the controlinator, Sackboy is able to sit on it and control vehicles in gameplay but hey, you are able to give players in your game control on objects. There are also some anti-gravity mods that allow you to create possibilities in level making. Alien Shooters, anyone ?

The versatility to create levels is simply awesome and this is where the player gets his hands “dirty” on the different types of tools available. More often than any time, you will chance upon some great looking level on the multiplayer server to have some great fun and also a place for creators to draw inspiration in level making.


The sound department is rich with lots of sound effects, licensed songs and tracks are available in the game and if you are still not happy with it …you can record it with a microphone. In addition, the game features Sackbots, NPC bots that can be customized with different behaviors such as following Sackboy or avoiding him. Here is a video below

It is creation suite of possibilities, a leap of improvements over its predecessor in almost every way. Most importantly, they are pretty easy to use and understand. With Little Big Planet 2 (LBP2), the developers have included better level making tools with its only limitation – your creativity.

To summarize it up, there are three ways you can play Little Big Planet 2. Play the default story mode and be done with. Play the custom levels developed by fellow gamers around the world, the experience is almost endless. Showoff your creativity, make a level on your own and share with the world.

Will you complete Little Big Planet 2 ? The answer is no and if you are wondering why, Kevin Butler has an answer for that. (see video below)

Little Big Planet 2 gets an overall rating of A- from me, the game features fantastic tools and an enriching overall experience based on its original concept which may be a flaw of its own. Time will tell if the community’s vibrant buildup of custom levels is able to make the game shine.

Little Big Planet 2, for the PlayStation 3 is now available on retail shelves.


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