We have heard of various rumors on the Wii 2 and possible potential but Nintendo made announcement about four months ago, claiming the company any has got no immediate plans to work on an upgrade to its existing Wii video game console.

However, a pleasant surprise came after the company’s European MD of Marketing was reportedly telling a reporter from Edge that there will (eventually) be a Wii 2. And when the time is right to release the Wii’s successor out to the retail market, it will still sport the optical drive as the main medium for gameplay, although digital game downloads will still be supported.

There are also predictions made by Michael Patcher, an analyst with Wedbush, the Wii 2 will come with support for HD content, if only because the console maker is already trailing far behind the competition in this aspect.

Well, it is pure speculations but whether Nintendo’s Wii is reaching the stage for evolution will be a question that time will tell.


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