Asiasoft shows us a preview of AIKA SEA, a localised version of AIKA Online – a 3D MMORPG that focuses on the Player vs. Player (PvP) in the enchanting land of Arcan. Developed by JoyImpact, a studio under HanbitSoft, the South-east Asia version will be opening up for Closed Beta on March 31 and Open Beta on April 12.

Folks who participated in the Closed Beta and attain a certain level in the game will get a VIP status which qualifies them some unique in-game items during the Open Beta.

A total of 5 classes will be available in the game:

  • Warrior – Melee warrior that is able to weld 2 blades
  • Crusader – Carries a shield and a sword and is able to cast basic healing magics
  • Sniper – Capable in the arts of stealth and skilled in ambush, sabotage and assassination
  • Dual Gunner – Quick and agile warrior and specialists in ambush and assassination but welds dual pistol like weapons
  • Night Magician – The name is an obvious, the spell caster in the game that welds various offensive magicks and sneaky cursing spells…like turning you into a rabbit.
  • Priest – The healer, the buffer. Everyone loves you in the game


Nation System

There is also a Nation system in AIKA which a player can join to enjoy several benefits. Five nations are available and after joining, players will be able to create/join a guild and participate in guild battles and form alliances with other guilds for bigger guild quests in the game.

Battle Gameplay

Apart from the usual levelling up from killing various monsters, AIKA has other huge-scale battles that allows player to level up in honor points and more. Some of the modes allows up to 1000 versus 1000 player battle


  • A training ground for PvP gameplay. A good source for accumulating honor points
  • Honor points can be used in exchange for Honor equips. These equips are exceptional when they are used in PvP battles and is a must for Nation Wars.
  • More direct benefits for players as the rewards are given based on players’ contributions to the battle.

Nation War (Relic)

  • It is a battle mode which pits nations against one another in continuous competition to control powerful items known as relics – sacred objects which provide additional buffs to the citizens of the nation.
  • The effects of the relics affect citizens of the nation (or allied nations) when they are in the geographical locations of the nation.
  • It is a constant battle mode, thus nations will always have to be on guard to protect their relics from being seized during raids by other nations.

Nation War (Altar)

  • The Altar is the location where the nation’s important national treasures and items are stored.
  • Party that carries out a successful raid on an opposing Nation’s altar will acquire a significant amount of wealth and large experience boost (EXP boost)
  • The fallen Nation’s Altar will also result in more attacks from monsters within the nation and experience a decrease in monster drops for a short period of time.

Castle Siege

  • The ultimate battle mode for the quest to earn the most powerful and prestigious title – Lord Marshal.
  • It is a battle system between Legion Masters to control a Nation’s political system, tax and buffs.
  • Lord Marshal & his Archons receive special buffs and immunity to chaos penalty even when they kill their own citizens.
  • Lord Marshal can also withdraw a certain amount of tax into own and their Archons’ pockets.
  • The Lord Marshal has the power to form alliances with other Nations.


PRAN (Princess of Air Nymph System )

no, you can’t take her home

A unique name and I was scratching my head when I saw  it but PRANs are literally fairy familiars who will accompany you in your journey at AIKA. They are not mindless drones that you execute commands via them though. At certain times in the game, a PRAN will ask you various questions which will determine her personality. Up to six personalities are available in a PRAN and it is up to the player to decide her personality.

Tsundere is one of them.

Think of PRAN as your companion and soulmate to the individual player in AIKA. She begins as a fairy and is able to assist in battle. She evolves to an adult PRAN as she levels up, here are some features of a PRAN

  • Available in three types – Fire, Water and Air.
  • Obtainable through a quest at Level 7
  • Can buff player with additional skills during battle. Skills can be upgraded or downgraded depending on the player.
  • Highly interactive and depending on the conversation, the PRAN can develop a personality
  • Appearance can be customized through items from the Cash Shops.


and no again, she can’t be brought home

playable and fun on a laptop

Is your rig up for AIKA SEA ? Here are the specifications recommended to play the game.

Pentium 4 1.8Ghz

1GB of RAM

3D Accelerator with 128MB of RAM

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7

1GB of Hard Disk space

Do check out AIKA SEA and sign up for an account, closed beta is coming soon!

Gallery of screenshots and photos below


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