The next Atelier game in the Arland series will be titled Atelier Meruru, a direct sequel after the events of Totori and Rorona. Meruru is a fifteen year old alchemist who stays in Earls, a country outside Arland.

Atelier Meruru is the last of the Arland series and will feature a conclusion to the entire game.

Totori and Rorona are returning characters in the game and Meruru will feature a new gameplay system compared to its predecessors. It will also feature a turn-based system where attacks will affect the change order. There is also a mystery in the game where Rorona is featured as a little girl (as above) when she should be older than Totori and Meruru

Atelier Meruru will retail on 23rd June for the PlayStation 3. The limited edition will include a Meruru Nendoroid and other goodies will go on sale for 10,290 yen (US$127) while a standalone game costs 7,140 yen (US$88).



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