Square Enix have their Final Fantasy XI and XIV servers temporarily closed, in a move  to conserve energy in Japan. Square explains the temporary closure to “continuous quakes occurring in the eastern regions of Japan”.

Servers will go down for at least a week beginning on March 13 3pm (PDT). Both games will not charge subscription fees through April as a result.

Many businesses have their offices go on a energy conservation exercise due to a massive 9.0 earthquake that wrecked Sendai and neighbouring areas in Japan a few days ago. Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan’s main provider of electric utilities explains that its facilities had been severely damaged by the March 11 Sendai earthquake, power shortages could occur.

Some other services on Square’s PlayOnline will also be unavailable:

– Friend List Plus
– FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version
– PlayOnline Friend List Application
– Community Site Link Registration: Owner Menu

Additionally, the following types of support will also be temporarily unavailable:
– PlayOnline Password Recovery
– PlayOnline Account Cancellation
– All activities requiring the confirmation of personal information


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