Capcom will be releasing the critical update on June 7 for Super Street Fighter IV console players to upgrade it to the Arcade Edition (AE). The update consist of three patches. Capcom’s blog quoted the following

On June 7, there will be a few downloads available. The first is a title update/patch. This will be automatically downloaded to your console of choice when you are connected to the network. This patch is basically an under-the-hood primer for the other two downloads, and doesn’t have any real visible functionality.

The second download is a free “Update Kit”. If you’re not planning on buying Arcade Edition, you’re going to want/need to download this for matchmaking and spectating purposes. However, you’ll still be playing Original SSFIV.

The third download is the Arcade Edition DLC (1200 MSP/$14.99). This is a required download if, you know, you want to play AE.

Generally speaking, the first update will upgrade your game eligibility for Arcade Edition and allows you to fight against AE users, your battle and player points will be retained but suppose you upgrade to a AE in the future, you will start from ground zero when you play the Arcade Edition ladder. AE owners will be able to switch between the original and new balance changes through a option.

The boxed version of Arcade Edition for consoles will be released on June 28th for US$39.99. The PC version is confirmed but no date was mentioned.

Oh and yes, your trophies are retained and new achievements are added for AE owners.


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