Today, Samsung Singapore announces the official availability of SONAR on Android and Bada platforms. Wondering what SONAR is ? It is all about music, tunes that you will never find on the commercial radio stations with DJs who are absolutely fanatical about sharing it with you. Together with RADIOactive Pte. Ltd, SONAR is Singapore’s first multimedia online and mobile radio streaming app today.

“What is Samsung doing with SONAR? Samsung Mobile has always been known as a hardware company; we make great phones. But nowadays, the competition isn’t about phones anymore. It’s about the stuff that goes into phones, the applications, content and services that these phones can help you in your daily life. SONAR is an Internet radio station and a lot of cool things inside,” said Winston Goh, product marketing at Samsung Asia .

“Radio is the oldest broadcast media, over hundred years, and it still connects in ways that other media don’t. Samsung has been an incredible friend along this journey and this is just the beginning. This is version 1.0. RADIOactive provides proprietary stream the lowest possible quality bitrate with the highest possible quality sound. We also built in a lot of social features (including Facebook etc).”  remarked Andrew Crother, founder and managing director of RADIOactive Pte Ltd.

The app will be available for free on Samsung mobile devices such as the Galaxy Tab and Android smartphone users, existing users can download this app from Android App Store and also available on Samsung smartphones running Bada. The app allows you to listen to internet radio, along with sharing your favorite tracks on Facebook, Twitter and even email. Listeners are also able to view song lyrics and watch music videos if it is available through the metadata.

To make things interesting, SONAR will be hosted by famous Singapore DJs Chris Ho and Vandetta, the app will also feature regular updates of lifestyle news on music, fashion and events.

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