Combine DJ Max, Kinect and Awesome graphics. You get Child of Eden.

Awarded the best Kinect game of E32010. There is no doubt that this will blow your mind. Because it blew mine.


Child of Eden is a rhythmic based shooter game. It combines the best of shooters and music to formulate by far one of the best rhythm games I’ve played so far.
You have the choice of either using the controller OR Kinect. For mind-blowing results, I reccomend the Kinect.

If you are using a controller, the aim is simple, similar to other rhythm games, a “Perfect” is what we always aim for, this isn’t that hard on the controller. The game will know if you’re using either the Kinect or controller and adjusts the game accordingly.

The real fun however comes from the controller free aspect of the game. We all know how awkward we look when we’re playing games without a controller. Child of Eden has made me feel different otherwise. You only need both hands to play the game (no leg movement invovled *phew!*).



Your right arm represents a blue reticle which locks on to 8 targets and fires lasers at them while your left arm acts as a tracer firing multiple shots at your enemies.

The game feature 5 levels, called Archives, each with a different visual theme. These are; MatrixEvolutionBeautyPassion, and Journey. Each Archive will be replayable, changing each time depending on the player’s performance and style of play in the previous run.




The objective of the player in Child of Eden is to save Project Lumi, which is near completion, from a virus attack. If finished, Project Lumi would reproduce a human personality in Eden, the AI inside which Rez took place.


While many Kinect games focuses on fun for the family, Child of Eden restored my faith in motion-free gaming to be enjoyable by a hardcore gamer. You might actually need sometime to adjust to the new method of taking down foes, but rest assured. You will not regret it. Overall, for a simple game such as this, coupled with amazing BGM. I give it a solid 9/10.

Child of Eden is available now exclusively for the Xbox 360.


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