Nintendo’s Reggie  announces their ‘successor’ to the Wii, the company calls it Wii U. A whole new look to the upcoming platform which includes a brand new looking controller too. During the E3 event, Reggie unveils that the controller sport a 6.2 inch touchscreen with many gaming possibilities using the gryoscope, touchscreen, dual analog controls and cameras at the front and back. The highlight however, is that the controller is capable of displaying your gaming needs off TV.

The console itself is HD-capable, able to output HD content over HDMI cable at 1080p. A few games were mentioned during the media conference that are still in development for the new console – Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed game, Dirt, Ghost Recon Online, Aliens Colonial Marines, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Metro Last Night, Tekken, Metro Last Light and Darksiders II

This is the new console and from the looks of it, there is a slot loading drive with the buttons on the left. A external slot bay is at the bottom with the sync button on the left of it. No dates or prices were mentioned during the event but this looks promising, Kotaku has mentions that the disc format of the Wii U is a proprietary format that is capable of storing up to 25GB of  data

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata explained that the new controller is not to be misunderstood as a portable gaming system although it looks like one of them. Word has it from the man on the stage that the controllerof Wiiu and 3DS will work together in one way or another though no further details were said. Check out the video below and find out the potentials of this Wii u controller




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