Patapon returns again for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) with its uniquely fun gameplay in controlling rhythm to guide your tiny warriors to victory. You will feel like a invincible god, ready to take on any enemies upon you.

This is Patapon 3, a game which is addictive at its core, exciting and full of fun. Your four main buttons on the front of PSP are your different drum beats – pata, pon, don and chaka and through different combinations of the four, you can command an army of cute looking creatures to move, attack, defend and many more. Chain up your beats for a perfect combo and you will fight with more vigor that rewards different bonuses. Of course, missing the beats and your puny army will get confused.

In Patapon 3, your four-beat commands are helpfully laid out at the bottom of the screen which is an additional plus for newcomers and those who are not good in rhythmic gaming. In the beginning of your game you will be picking one of three Patapon hero classes to play as: Spear, Sword with Shield, Bow. These classes will determine your play style followed by a series of training missions to get yourself familiarized. Returning Patapon players will get a short introduction on the coming of the story and how things have changed since Patapon 2.

The campaign mode is a whole lot of fun, putting in a new addition of the Superhero Patapon and a total of 21 unit classes that adds to the variety of gameplay. The number of player classes and skill abilities adds to the complexity to the game together with micro-managing your heroes and units can be quite a headache at times but in the end, your formula to make your army gives you the satisfaction needed. All the questions will be going through your mind from choosing the right classes, the correct equipment and many more. But look, things don’t really work out sometimes so expect some grinding in Patapon 3 to get yourself the winning edge over your enemies.

It can be easy to lose a game but it is often with that you will pick yourself up and going through your strategies again. It is fun as your cute warriors who will follow your orders based on your beat, pairing it with upbeat music. It just goes on. The campaign has another twist which is co-op gameplay, you can play a mission with three other players, each taking their own heroes to battle.

Looking at multiplayer, Patapon 3 is a huge improvement over its predecessors. The game adds a competitive mode with four way battles and a co-op mode for some teamwork fun. Map levels are playable over the Internet via PlayStation Network has been added as well as adhoc. Oh, and the most impressive part – clans. In a nutshell, earn your experience points and level up to unlock different abilities and bonuses.

Another welcoming addition to the the new series is the inclusion of the PAUSE function. Thumbs up for the developers but the pause function does not come readily for the game, you will have to earn the right to get the pause ability and that is to get it during a tutorial. So much for getting the pause function.

Visuals are the same as its predecessors but there is a worthy mention on the audio department. Patapon 3’s tunes get a new change of pace which is refreshing but retain the classic beats.


Patapon 3 is amazing and it is not often for a game to be so interesting despite having the core gameplay repeatingly rearing its ugly head but that is the magical formula for its success. There are tons of things to watch out for in the game from its maps to the gameplay. Understanding it fully requires some time and to fully complete the overall game will require plenty of grinding which can stretch over hundred of hours.

Patapon 3 is already available on retail for the PlayStation Portable.

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