Capcom announced plans to develop Gyakuten Saiban 5, the next numbered installment of popular courtroom text-adventure series (Ace Attorney in the English-speaking world) at a special 10th anniversary event in Tokyo earlier today. No platform or release date – or any further details, for that matter – has been unveiled.

At the same event Capcom also announced Gyakuten Saiban 123HD, a compilation of the first three games – the so-called Ryuichi Naruhodo/Phoenix Wright saga – for iOS and Android devices.

You’ll see details you didn’t know about in Gyakuten Saiban 123HD… like the real shape of Mayoi Ayasato/Maya Fey’s chin.

Both games are intended for the Japanese market; we’ll have to wait for news from Capcom USA should they decide to translate and publish the games in English. Although it’s pretty much a given, since all the Gyakuten Saiban games thus far – including the first Ace Attorney game currently on iOS – have been published in English.

Source: Famitsu, Hachima



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