Compile Heart has just announced their latest game in the Neptunia Series, God Dimension Neptunia V(Kamijigen Game Neptune Victory 神次元ゲイムネプテューヌ  ビクトリィ) and has put up some screenshots for our viewing pleasure. More screenshots after the jump.

The official site is now open with screenshots of the game.



After a few years of peace since defeating the Arfoire group in Neptunia MK2, the Gameindustri world was relatively peaceful and the goddesses went around their business without much trouble.

One day, the goddess of Planeptune, Neptune had a strange encounter and was sucked into another dimension. The dimension felt old and retro , just like the Gameindustri of the 1980’s.

But unknown to Neptune, the dimension was being targeted by a mysterious organization known as the “Seven Sages”.

To return to her original dimension, Neptune must once again protect this alternate Gameindustri and so a new adventure begins for our heroine…

Additional Information

The game will be released summer 2012 for the Playstation 3, available in both a  “god premium” and normal versions. The god premium version features  an additional two figurines, an original soundtrack CD and a voice CD: “What if a goddess became your wife and gave you lots of love.”(もし女神が嫁だったら♥♥’らぶらぶ’しちゃうかもしれない). For those who are pre-ordering the game, Compile Heart will throw in a Visual Guide book filled with goodness from the game.

Compile Heart has brought in funnyman Izawa, who did the Xbox 360 promotional marketing videos, to promote the game. You can watch some of his promotional videos for the game here. A sample of his work for the Xbox 360 in Japan can be found here(Safe) and here(Warning: Watch at your own eye scarring risk)


Product information

  • Name       : God Dimension Game Neptunia V(Kamijigen Game Neptune Victory 神次元ゲイムネプテューヌ  ビクトリィ)
  • Platform  : Playstation 3
  • Genre       : RPG
  • Date          : Summer 2012
  • Price         : 7329 Yen(Normal)/10479 Yen(Premium)


Source : OHP


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