Remember last week when we told you that renowned Vocaloid producers MasatakaP and Treow were working on a song and music video that’ll be used as the opening to Microsoft’s keynote on the second day (April 25) of Windows Developer Days in Japan?

Well, today’s that day!

Watch as Claudia Madobe (CV: Eri Kitamura) andNanami Madobe (CV: Nana Mizuki) welcome  you into the world of Windows 8.

MasatakaP and Electrocutica (Treow and Shizuka Kitajima), in conjunction with Microsoft Japan, proudly present:

Through the Window


The PV was created using Miku Miku Dance (MMD), and according to comments from Nico Nico Douga users, the Vocaloid singer employed for Through the Window is Yamaha’s very own VY1, which would make a lot of sense since unlike Hatsune Miku and most other Vocaloids, VY1 exists solely as a voice, sans artwork or character image – although it would have been just as amazing to see Claudia walking around lip-syncing to Miku’s song.

On his blog, MasatakaP said he was pretty shocked when Microsoft approached and commissioned Treow and himself to work on an opening for the Windows Developer Days event; what’s more, they had to produce this full HD video in about a week! Although the schedule was pretty tight, MasatakaP said that they gave it their best shot.

MasatakaP also mentions that the video, Through the Window, was actually posted by Microsoft on YouTube “live” in the middle of the Windows Developer Days keynote session, a nice touch he found to be very cool.

That silhouette… could… could that be… the rumoured Hachiko Madobe (unnamed/undesigned mascot for Windows 8 in Japan)???


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