High quality figure making company ALTER opens pre-orders for their new figurine 「Menma」 from hit TV anime Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi ha Mada Shiranai on May 16th 2012 (Tomorrow).

Widely considered to be one of the best figurine producing companies ALTER has a great history of sculpting and producing some of the greatest figures in the past decade.

Previewed of it’s sculpt several months ago in Wonderfestival 2012, ALTER has displayed 「Menma」 as a figurine to look out for.


TV anime Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi ha Mada Shiranai is an original story animated by A1-Pictures and distributed by Aniplex. The plot revolves around six friends, drifted apart following a tragedy. Years pass and the sudden return of their deceased friend’s spirit marks the beginning of a string of emotional events and a touching finale that has sent tears streaming down the cheeks of even the manliest of men.

Fully coloured for release preview, 「Menma」 is a spectacular 1/8 scale figure with details fans would recognize and admire.


Depicted with her usual naive and romantic expression, Menma is wonderfully depicted sitting on the upper ledge of the group’s Secret Base.


The vaguely semi-translucent material used to make Menma’s clothings wonderfully depicts the light weight and fluffiness of her clothing.


One of the things I found really appropriate was the inclusion of Menma’s diary, one of the artifacts that stir the heartstrings of viewers. Also sculpted in are the random rubbish and ornaments left behind by Poppo during his stay in the Secret Base, such as an umbrella and a tribal looking sling bag.


The zinc plates that make up the walls of the Secret Base was skillfully and wonderfully painted, with effects to simulate rust and aging.


Some last touches I really appreciate is the inclusion of the flower logo from the logo as well as the Super Peace Busters carving that is on the wooden plank,  a homage to the original Secret Base as seen in the image below.


「Menma」 is available from tomorrow for preorder.

Source: ALTER Kaihatsubu Oshigoto Blog


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