If you’re annoyed by our previous post and sitting there screaming at the Lords of Hell “TO JUST LET ME IN!” and need a sweet, sweet timeout, we here at SGCafe have just the ticket. South Korea’s Blizzard fansite Inven has posted pictures of their launch, and wow, what a launch.

Invited to the event were Spiral Cats, one of South Korea’s top pro cosplay teams, to strut their stuff. They had almost the entire cast going too, with a Witch Hunter, Sorceress, Witch Doctor and suitably clad Tyrael. Only missing were the Barbarian and Monk classes. As usual, the costumes were drop dead gorgeous, with incredible detailing and some sweet-as personal styling. It probably helps that the team, made up of members like Tasha and Miyuko, are very pretty as well.

via Inven


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