Anisong singers of the 90s have passed their 10 year mark, and no doubt FLOW is one of them. SGCafe is honoured to be able to have an interview with the five awesomely rocking guys, telling us about their music, preferences and experiences.

From left: Keigo Hayashi (vocal) [KEIGO]
Yasutarō Gotō (bass) [GOTS]
Takeshi Asakawa (lead guitar) [TAKESHI]
Hiroshi Iwasaki (drums) [IWASAKI]
Kōshi Asakawa (vocal, rhythm guitar) [KOHSHI]

1. What are the origins of your band name, FLOW?

KOHSHI: Our band emphasizes on keeping fresh, like flowing water, and thus we chose ‘FLOW’ as our band name.

2. Do you enjoy writing songs for popular anime series like Naruto & Eureka Seven? What do you consider when writing theme songs for such anime genre?

TAKE: As we collaborate with the anime series creators, we do some research on it. Of course, we ensure that the lyrics match the anime in terms of atmosphere, which we feel that it is one of the most important criteria to consider.

3. Are there any anime/manga series you enjoy outside of the titles you have performed for?

TAKE: Our bassist is the pro in anime and otaku culture (points)

GOTS: Yes, in fact many series that the artistes will be performing tonight are some of those that I enjoy.

4. Do you draw from personal experiences when writing song lyrics?

KOHSHI: Yes. Our song, ‘Sign’, was adapted from my experience at a massage parlour. The masseuse explained to me that feeling pan during the massage is a good thing, as the pain helps in knowing what needs to be cured.

5. Do you prefer performing in a small venue with an engaged audience, or a large scale concert for the mainstream audience?

IWASAKI: It is the same to us.


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