Cinema Today has unveiled a teaser movie clip for the  upcoming animation adaptation of the novel, Nerawareta Gakuen(ねらわれた学園), which was written by Taku Mayumura.

Sunrise revealed earlier this month that it will be producing the animation with Ryousuke Nakamura as the director.

Nerawareta Gakuen takes place in Abeno 6th middle school, the school is attended by the main lead Kouji Seki. Abeno 6th is a school that places importance in studying over other non-academic pursuits, which results in a high-stress enviroment where the students are very mischievous. Michiru Takamizawa was elected as the student council president, and begins suppressing the students. Kouji rebels against Michiru and pits himself against the student council.

The opening theme song will be done by Supercell.

While this is not the first adaptation of novel, it is the first anime film adaptation for the novel. The novel has 4 live-action drama television adaptations and two films prior to this anime adaptation.

The film will be in cinemas across Japan this autumn.

Source : OHP, ANN, Cinema Today


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