The biggest fighting games tournament in  the world is well underway! And you can catch all of the action right from within the comforts of your very own bedroom. Hit the jump to find the link to the live-streams, and a full schedule of all the festivities.

Important announcement: Before we move on, we’d like to ask all readers who’ve registered for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament to please check once again that they’re registered for the right game(s).

When our story was first posted, the registration link for Street Fighter IV in particular was wrong, but it’s been fixed now so please double-check to avoid disappointment. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Also, gamers who’ve registered for the Street Fighter III tournament should note that the date for the qualifiers has been changed from July 26 (Thursday) to July 28 (Saturday).



Each day’s EVO streams will typically start from 11PM Singapore time (GMT+0800), for Friday and Saturday nights (pool stages for the various games) and last all the way till early afternoon the following day. Day 1 streams started last night, and will last till at least 1PM Singapore time today.

Day 2 streams – for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and King of Fighters XIII – begin tonight at 11PM and will go on till past 3PM Sunday.

Grand finals for all tournament games will begin Monday 1AM.

If you miss the action for any of the livestreams, no worries, everything’s DVR-ed for you in the video archives of the respective stream pages.


Stream links

Go to this page here if you’d like to see the three main EVO streams laid out nicely in a single page like so:

Note: you can change the stream layout via the menus at the top of the stream.

If you miss any of the action on the livestream you can always check out the video archives for the recorded footage.

Alternatively, go to this page on if you just want to see a full list of streams and results for Day 1.


Apart from the three main EVO streams (Gameplay 1, Gameplay 2, Interviews and Panels), the link above also lists livestreams for the following side tournaments/evetns:


 Full EVO 2012 stream schedules 

Times in PDT or GMT-0700 hours; add 15 hours (or change AM to PM/PM to AM and add 3 hours) for Singapore time.



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