Popular moeblob anime K-ON! is going to be releasing their character songs on vinyl! The K-ON! 7inch Vinyl “Donuts” BOX, is only available through order on Canime for the site’s first year anniversary.

Not only that these records are also available exclusively at the Canime Summer Festival. There are currently no plans to sell these vinyls in other shops, so if you’re a hardcore fan, these vinyls are vintage!

There will be seven records that are set to be released:

  • Ever-popular Cagayake!GIRLS,
  • Don’t say lazy,
  • as well as Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Mugi and Azusa character songs.

These records are on 7″ analog records and comes with a box. Pricing seems really pricey, selling at 10000 yen (approx. SGD$158).


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