File this under “rumour mill” for now, but according to a netizen who scored his copy of this month’s New Type magazine (August 2012 issue) early, Type-Moon’s Fate/StayNight [Realta Nua] visual novel – an all-ages port of the original Fate/Stay Night PC title to the PS2 in 2007 – will see a PS Vita version later this year.

The new version will feature animated cutscenes produced by Ufotable, and is slated for a November 29, 2012 release, to be sold for the price of 6,300 yen, or so the netizen claims.

Gamers who pre-order will also receive a download code for a “Tobidase! Trouble Hanafuda Travel Journel 2 (working title)” (とびだせ!トラぶる花札道中記2(仮)), an updated version of the pre-order bonus for the original PS2 Realta Nua.

The likelihood of this being real? Quite. As earlier this year, Type-Moon released the three episodes contained within Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] – different paths for Saber, Rin, and Sakura – on the PC through digital distribution.

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Source: Hachima


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