Fans of Tiger and Bunny, get ready to be excited! The first footage of the movie, “Tiger & Bunny- The Beginning-” has been aired on Thursday morning on the morning television program, Mezamashi Terebi. The footage includes part of the “Linear Blue o Kikinagara”, the new theme song that will be performed by Unison Square Garden, the rock band behind the anime’s first theme song.

You can catch the video footage here:


The full trailer will run in theaters starting this Saturday. The film itself will be premiered in Japan, on the 22nd September. In the second part of the segment, Kawanishi Yu, a publicist for the movie, said that the action and battle scenes appeal to the male audiences, while for the female audiences, the relationship between the main leads, Kotetsu and Barnaby will develop more, compared to what was absent from the 25 episode long series anime.

A producer, Ozaki Masayuki, at the anime studio, Sunrise revealed during the Tiger & Bunny panel at Anime Expo (USA) on Saturday that a new NEXT character will be appearing in the first movie! The new NEXT character has been designed by Katsura Masakazu, the character designer.


(Source: ANN)


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