Hit the jump if you’re interested to find out what the game’s trophies are. You’d have to guess what the conditions to unlocking these trophies are, however; it’s not specified in the trophy description.

All of the trophies have to do with unlocking profile titles in the game. The sole exception is the Platinum Trophy, which is unlocked when all other trophies are.

Although the conditions for unlocking these titles/trophies are not specified, you do get a sense of what you’re supposed to do simply from the name of the title.

Here’s the list of trophies in Japanese, followed by a rough translation of all the titles you’re required to obtain to unlock Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies in the game. Note that the first item on the English list (Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum order) is the very last one on the Japanese list (Platinum-Gold-Silver-Bronze order).

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f comes out in Japan and Asia (including Singapore) August 30. 


This is who I am (こいう者です)
That’s good!
Begun making Edits
Live tour
Good morning (おはようございます)
Home interview
Art Colection
I love DIVA
Welcome to DIVA!


Shooting Star
If it’s for you…
Beautiful furniture
A place to rest (癒しの空間)
MEIKO’s Manager
KAITO’s Aibo (partner)
Luka’s Tea Buddy
Len’s Friend
Rin’s Play Buddy (リンの遊び相手)
Miku’s Partner
Hobby: PV Appreciation


Memories Album
Module Collector
Super Player (超人プレイヤー)
Expert Player (達人プレイヤー)

Source: Jin


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