Sega has just released Miku Flick 02 on the iTunes app store and – guess what – it’s available to Singapore iTunes account holders! I kid you not: you can buy the app right now for S$13.98! In Japan it’s sold for 900 yen.

We’ve also checked the US iTunes app store, and it appears that currently Miku Flick 02 has not gone live over there yet.

Keep in mind, though, that the iTunes app store updates at different times for different regions; so US readers, if you check back with Apple later in the day, who knows, you might indeed be able to spend your day happily Miku-flicking.

To commemorate the game’s release, Sega has also put out a new 60-second trailer, this time featuring Megurine Luka’s Just Be Friends.

Like the previous trailer, this one also recaps all the new capabilities added in 02. This new trailer also offers a good look at what we believe to be Climax Mode.

We’re not hundred-percent certain of this yet, but pay attention to the new trailer and you’ll see that at one point Sega shows the game being played with a single virtual button (with a musical note on it), as opposed to the traditional Japanese virtual keyboard.

That, we think, is Climax Mode – a super-easy mode where you can focus on taking in the sights and sounds rather than worry about typing the wrong Kana and what not.

Head over to the iTunes app store today to get it, pronto!

Source: Miku Flick 02


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