Feel On! for Twitter by Japanese app developer LisB (read “L is B”) is an iPhone Twitter client that lets you frame your thoughts in comic or manga-style panels, and publish them to the popular social network.

The app was released throughout the world in the regional iTunes app stores of 139 countries last year.

But the version you really want is the one from the Japanese iTunes store.

That’s the only one that has access to a Steins;Gate skin for the app, released earlier today as an in-app purchase for existing users of Feel On! for Twitter in Japan.

The Steins;Gate skin costs 350 yen from the iTunes app store, while the app itself is free to use.

This is the first in-app purchase – ever – for the Feel On! Twitter client, and we get the feeling that it won’t be the last. Especially since 5pb and MAGES head honcho Shikura Chiyomaru is a pretty big fan of Twitter.

Plus, Twitter plays a pretty heavy role in Robotics;Notes, 5pb and Nitroplus’s latest entry in the Science Adventure series of visual novels that takes place in the same universe as Steins;Gate, in the year 2020.

This is just speculation on our part, but we think that at some point in the future – say, sometime after Robotics;Notes begins its TV anime run on Fuji TV’s Noitamina time slot later this year in October – LisB and MAGES will probably work on releasing a Robotics;Notes skin for the Twitter client as well. It’d make perfect sense – but again, all of that is pure speculation right now.

It’s not like we have access to an actual time machine, or the ability to receive D-mails from the future, after all.

… Or do we?

Source: Feel On, 5PB Mobile site


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