Ever wanted to become a magical girl too? Soon you can, with this notebook that will be released on November 11. Officially called the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyubey Notebook 2013, it can do more than just organize your schedule.

The organizer features a quote from the characters themselves each day, as well as a quote from Kyubey for each week.

Drawings of the characters in the organizer are, of course, present. But what separates this from any other notebook is the New Magical Girl Personal Data Memo page, a page where you can fill in your particulars and details – or rather, the details of your magical girl self.

Full colour pages with character profiles and episode summaries are included too. The notebook also comes with stickers of the characters and Kyuubey’s signature line: “Make a contract with me, and become a magical girl!”


Should you wish to contract with this notebook, it will set you back 1,260 yen.


Source: mantan-web


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