Visiting Singapore to perform at Anime Festival Asia 2012’s Jump Stage for the first time ever was trance-pop duo fripSide!

Known for their fast-paced blend of catchy music, fripSide is no stranger to the anisong scene. Rising from humble roots as a doujin group who debuted in 2002 with composer Satoshi Yaginuma (Sat) and previous vocalist Nao, who graduated from the group in 2009, they continued with a new vocalist Nanjou Yoshino and hit #3 on the Oricon charts with Only My Railgun, their hit single and opening theme of To aru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun).

A seasoned composer, Sat has contributed to many projects apart from fripSide; he has done work for the soundtracks of Scramble Heart, Twinkle☆Crusaders, ENGAGE LINKS GM and Ro-kyu-bu!, and recently he has also been a part of trio ALTIMA, which also boasts m.o.v.e. rapper Mototaka Segawa and Maon Kurosaki, who wowed the crowd with her own concert segment at Anime Festival Asia MY.

Vocalist Yoshino Nanjou is no slouch herself as the voice behind Koko Tsukishima in De Capo II, Joshiraku in Gakyou Kuurubiyuutei, Leixia in Soul Calibur IV and Robotics;Notes’ Akiho Senomiya! The 28 year old is managed by talent agency Amuleto together with fellow seiyuu Kenjiro Tsuda and Itou Kentarou.

Without further ado, here are a couple of questions fripSide answered for us!

SGCafe: Your PVs (Promotional Videos) sometimes feature strange men singing along and doing offbeat things. What is the significance of these people in your PVs?

A: The people who appeared in the PVs are famous comedians from Japan. It’s to add in to the humourous side of the whole PVs, and to just lighten up and bring smile to the audiences.

SGCafe: Your motto is “creating songs everybody can relate to”. How do you accomplish this?

A: As Sat himself enjoys catchy and popular melodies very much, he wants to use his passion for this genre as a sound producer and bring it through the listeners. He also hopes to use this style of music through fripSide and reach to more fans out there.

fripside: (In Japanese) What do Singaporeans feel about our PVs in that case?

SGCafe: Singaporeans feel the PVs are either interesting and funny, or confused by it.


It was interesting that fripside was spontaneous enough to ask us back questions, especially on how Singaporeans find their quirky PVs. Stay tuned to our overview of I Love Anisong Day 2 and 3 segments, coming up soon!



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