Welcome to Part 1 in a series of articles telling you everything you never wanted to know about a closed beta you never got to play.

The good folks over at Bandai Namco Online recently hosted a closed beta for the work-in-progress mecha action game Kidou Senshi Gundam Online from Oct 24 to Oct 31. Bandai Namco are still keeping tight-lipped about any future plans for an open beta, but the huge scope of the recent closed beta involving over 30,000 players may be some indication of a release coming soon. Either way, you will have to be inJapanto play it, so for now you’ll just have to drool over screenshots and videos until they decide to localize it.


In Gundam Online, players can play as Zeon or Federation as you participate in epic battles involving over 100 players at a time.

Bandai Namco Online have practically spent half a Universal Century of man-hours on developing this game, and for the past 2 years have painstakingly fine-tuned the game’s features based on feedback gleaned from several alpha tests: Alpha 1 ran during December last year, Alpha 2 in April of this year, and a final Alpha 3 ran this August. (Unfortunately there was no Alpha 5. Aye aye aye!)


During the closed beta, each mobile suit’s parameters and weapons were far more detailed than in previous alpha tests, allowing the characteristics of each suit to stand out from others to an unprecedented degree. Mission compensation was also adjusted, and additional bonus content such as daily missions came in effect.


Thanks in no small part to these new additions, Gundam Online now feels much more like a real ‘game’, and it is clear that the game will be about more than just mindlessly shooting people in endless pvp. Players will be rewarded for thinking about how to train their mobile suits and being creative with their play style.


Each previous alpha test was used to individually test certain battle systems. During the beta all of these systems were incorporated together, giving players a glimpse at how the final product will turn out.


Tune in again next time when we will be taking a look at Gundam nostalgia and go into detail on the battle system.


Seigi no ikari wo butsukero! Gandamu!!



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