Hunter x Hunter has done the rounds for many years now, and while thematically ripe with content that would make for some very cool games, there hasn’t really been that many offerings, with the exception of a few poor attempts on PS1 and GBA.

ForGroove are hoping to change all that though, by teaming up with Nippon Television to develop a brand new Mobage game based on the once-popular Anime/Manga franchise. Registration can be made prior to the game’s official release starting today (November 19th).

Hunter x Hunter Battle Collection, as its name suggests, is a game based on battling opponents. Set in the Midair Arena from the Manga, various opponents from the series should be making an appearance in the game.

The aim of the game is to beat your opponents and power up your character as you go, in a race to become a legendary 3-Star Hunter. Players can receive quests from the Hunter’s Guild, which are completed upon victory over a quest boss. At random intervals you will also run into raid bosses, and each various opponent will give you access to new characters and items.

The game follows the plot line of the Manga, and thus it should be no surprise that participants in the Midair Area can use “Nen” and special skills, leading to intense battles which require both fast reflexes and good strategy to win. Winning battles allows you to proceed to the higher levels of the stadium, and the more you win, the stronger the enemies you will have to face. Of course, when defeating stronger enemies, players are awarded with much more valuable prizes.

It’s also possible to form a guild with other users, allowing for a more social aspect in the game (well it is a social game after all), and giving players the ability to team up to take on quests from the Hunter’s Guild and cooperate with each other to take out the more trickier raid bosses.

Hunter x Hunter Battle Collection is due for official release in December 2012, so get registering while you can!

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