In a tongue-in-cheek move that capitalises on the futuristic setting (circa 2019) of TV anime Robotics;Notes, currently airing on Japanese TV stations, Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Akiho Senomiya figure will actually come with an AR app that you can use to dress the petite heroine up – digitally – in a a maid costume – just like what her childhood friend Kaito Yashio did in episode one.

Apart from the AR app, the details on which Good Smile Company will share closer to Nendoroid Akiho Senomiya’s release date, the figure set also include a couple of accompanying accessories, like a pair of red glasses – which Akiho often whips out whenever she’s quoting a line from Date, the hero in her favourite (fictional) anime series Gunvarrel – and a scaled-down version of the hobby robot “Tanegashimachine”.

The plot of Robotics;Notes is ultimately about a group of otakus (various types) banding together to create a giant robo that’s akin to a real-life Gundam. But before they can even get to that ambitious plan of theirs, Akiho, the president of her school’s robotics club, has to convince the school principal to come up with ten times the usual budget alloted club activities in order for her to realise that lofty goal.

And that’s where Tanegashimachine comes in. Sick and tired of Akiho’s pestering for such an unrealistic budget, the principal finally agrees to look into possibly gathering the funds. But on two conditions.

Firstly, the principal will only look into it once the robotics club has proven themselves worthy of managing such great funds. And for that to happen, she wants to see the school’s robotics club come in first place in a nationwide hobby robot tournament that will take place two weeks later.

As for the second condition, due to the unreasonable nature of the robotics club’s request (ten years’ worth of club funds is a lot to ask for, after all), should the club fail to place first in the hobby robot tournament, then the club will be disbanded for good.

And so for the first couple of episodes (or the first few hours of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 visual novel of the same name), we see Akiho tinkering with Tanegashimachine quite a fair bit, like so:

In case you can’t get enough of Nendoroid Akiho Senomiya’s bubbly personality, here are a few more shots from Good Smile Company’s Mikatan:

Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Akiho Senomiya (ねんどろいど 瀬乃宮 あき穂) will be available sometime in March 2013, to be sold for 3,500 yen including tax.

It’s also available for pre-order on Amiami right now (they ship internationally).


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