Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus for the PS Vita will feature four playable characters (Ryu Hayabusa and series heroines Ayane, Rachel, and Momiji) and some new modes not found in the original Sigma 2 on the PlayStation 3, according to the game’s official website which just opened today.

For starters, in the playability department, a “Hero mode” (this sounds to us like a new difficulty setting) will be added to the game. In Hero mode, auto-guard will be activated whenever Ryu Hayabusa – or any of the selectable heroines – is in a pinch, for those of you who might be worried that playing NGS2P during the commute and getting distracted due to a random bump or a sudden swerve might result in accidental deaths in the game.

You’ll also be able to aim and shoot ninja shurikens simply by tapping on a target via the touchscreen.

As for hardcore Ninja Gaiden fans whom never found a problem with the game’s cut-throat difficulty, two other modes outside of the main game are also being introduced into Sigma 2 Plus that should give these Obi-Wan Shinobis a run for their money.

Ninja Race

First, in Ninja Race you’re tasked escape to a goal as quickly as possible. Beating up enemies consecutively will build up a “Chain” meter that rapidly increases your strength, allowing you to slay enemies faster. Items found in the envrironments can also let you increase your speed, and extend the mission’s time limit.


Tag Missions

The other new mode detailed on the website is something called Tag Missions, in which you’ll have to tackle and clear trials by switching back and forth between all four playable characters.

To get fans hyped up about playing with all four characters, new costumes have been also been added to Sigma 2 Plus.

Head over to the official website now to check out some luscious shots of the three heroines (and, er, Ryu Hayabusa, I suppose). They’re not in those aforementioned new costumes, however, so you’ll have to settle for vanilla.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus is slated for a February 28, 2013 release on the PlayStation Vita in Japan. International release dates may vary.

NINJA GAIDEN Σ2+ Official Site


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