What’s amazing about Senran Kagura: New Wave is its unabashedly bold genre description: “”big-breasted hyper card battle”.

Senran Kagura takes place in modern times, and is about two rival ninja clans who are each housed in a different ninja academy. The series’ heroines are students hailing from the state-recognised Hanzo Academy, while the antagonists are students from Viper Academy private institution who seek to bury the Hanzo Academy in order to restore the former glory of the Viper clan.

In Senran Kagura: New Wave, a social game spin-off to the NSFW ninja action game-turned-anime franchise,  you run around scouting for potential ninja student recruits – from either faction – to add to your strike team of five, and take on increasingly harder ninja missions.

The game will feature at least 50 characters, most of whom will be brand new additions to the series.

Today, publisher Marvelous AQL shared profiles and illustrations for 20 of the social game’s characters, revealed in its newly-opened official website.

Ten of these characters are series stalwarts from the video games, while the latter ten are new characters.

Senran Kagura: New Wave will be playable on the iPhone 4/4S/5 (iOS 4.2 and above) and Android devices (2.1) when it launches in Japan at a yet-to-be-determined release date.

Starting today, GREE Japan users can go to to pre-register for Senran Kagura: New Wave at http://pf.gree.jp/58363 (you’ll need to be a GREE user and input the URL on your smartphone/feature phone), and receive the following bonus card at the start of service:

Source: Gamer.ne


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