Hold the “Eau de Toilette” jokes, please.

In what can only be described as an unorthodox collaboration, perfume company Nescre will be releasing a line of fragrances based on  basketball series Kuroko no Basket.

Despite what you might assume, the line will not actually smell like stale sweat and locker rooms. Instead, the line of perfume is described as being inspired by the “image” of 5 of the characters from the series.

For those who prefer a somewhat less abstract description, the product information page  contains links with a brief note on the main scents used as well as the feeling that is meant to be evoked by each item. Then again, the information might not be all that useful; the description of Kuroko‘s perfume roughly translates to “A scent made from fresh green mango with a touch of lotus flower. You may not be able to see it as it blends into the background, but this unusual scent will be ingrained upon your senses.”

Prior to this, Nescre has also released similar perfume lines for One Piece and Tiger & Bunny. 

Kuroko and Kagami’s perfumes will go on sale in February; Kise, Midorima and Aomine’s perfumes will be available in March.


Source: product information page


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