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A second season of TV anime series Kuroko’s Basketball is currently being produced, according to the latest issue of Shounen Jump Next magazine.

Although the new issue of Shounen Jump Next magazine isn’t slated to hit newsstands in Japan until this Friday, December 28, Manga-news Japon managed to gain access to an early copy, and tweeted the following picture as proof that the announcement is real.

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The announcement of a second season of the popular TV anime comes to anime and manga fans amid dark, dark times as numerous events involving the franchise have been cancelled afte Kuroko’s Basketball manga author Tadatoshi Fujimaki, various event organisers, and other related parties received a series of threats.

For instance, earlier in December the Comic Market Preparations Committee, organisers of the world’s largest self-published (doujin) comic book fair twice a year in Japan, announced their decision to cancel all of the Kuroko’s Basketball doujinshi circles’ participation in its upcoming Winter Comic Market (Comiket 83) event to be held this weekend from December 29 to 31, for the safety of the event’s attendees.

According to reports, at least 900 Kurko’s Basketball doujin circles were slated to appear at Comic Market 83, which makes the franchise or genre the third biggest at the event, after Toujou Project (2,442 circles) and Tiger & Bunny (1,104).

The first season of Kuroko’s Basketball aired in Japan from April to September 2012.

Source: Manga-news Japon


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