Two volumes of a new Persona 4 The Golden drama CD or “dorama” CD series are planned, to be released in March and April 2013 respectively.

Vol.1 will hit retail stores on March 27, 2013 in Japan, sold for the price of 2,940 yen including tax. Vol.2 is slated to be released on April 24, for the same price.

Fans who purchase a first-print copy of either drama CD will receive a special bonus track, which has the voice actors involved sounding out their thoughts on the drama CD recordings (アフレコ感想コメント).

All the voice actors for the Investigation Team will be involved in the drama CDs, along with those for Nanako and Ryotaro Dojima, Persona 4 The Golden (PS Vita) newcomer Marie, and an original character and Nanako’s friend Mai, whose voice actress has not yet been announced.

Here’s a rough translation of the plot covered in Volume 1 (original Japanese text appended at the end):

Drama CD “Persona 4 The Golden” Vol.1

Although the calendar indicates that Spring has begun, a cold wind blows in Inaba.

On that day, the self-proclaimed Investigation Squad had been taking a stroll along the river bed in the freezing weather, when they ran into Nanako and her friend Mai tending to some stray cats that they had found.

Nanako and Mai were worried about leaving the cats under the bridge by the riverbed, especially in the cold weather.

So the Investigation Team had a discussion, and thought about who amongst them might be able to adopt the cats. Unfortunately, it appeared that nobody would be able to keep them, and so Yukiko suggested finding folks who could.

Nanako’s friend Mai, however, did not want that. And so she offered to keep the cats at home.

And that was that, or so everyone thought – until the cats ran away from Mai’s home.

After hearing about what happened from Nanako and Mai, Yosuke decided to re-unite the Investigation Team form a “Self-Proclaimed Cat Disappearance Incident Investigation Team”… but the plot thickens.


Plot and cast in Japanese:

ドラマCD『ペルソナ4 ザ・ゴールデン』Vol.1

巽 完二:関 智一
白鐘直斗:朴ろ美  ※「ろ」は王偏に路
マリー:花澤香菜  他


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