Digging that snazzy new Soul Sacrifice Premium Edition” PS Vita console that Sony announced for the Japanese market earlier on Monday?

Guess what, Asia? You’re getting it too: Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong announced today that the the Japanese version of Soul Sacrifice and the aforementioned game-plus-PS-Vita bundle will also be sold in Singapore and other Asian territories on the same day it hits retail stores in Japan.

A boxed copy of Soul Sacrifice (Japanese version) will go for the recommended retail price of S$69.90 in Singapore. Sony also plans to distribute the game digitally via the PlayStation store in Asia, but a price for that has not yet been determined.

Meanwhile, the “PlayStation Vita Soul Sacrifice Premium Edition” bundle – which packs an intricately designed PS Vita Wi-Fi model, a copy of the Soul Sacrifice game, a 4GB memory card, Cosmic Red inner-ear headphones, a pouch, cleaning cloth, and other standard accessories like the power adaptor and AR Play cards – will carry a price tag of S$469 when it’s sold here in Singapore, available for a limited time only.

(For bigger pictures of the individual items contained within the set, check out our previous story here.)

Soul Sacrifice, a 4-player co-operative action game conceptualised by Keiji Inafune (Megaman, Dead Rising, Yaiba), and co-developed by Marvelous AQL and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan studio with input from , is most often compared to Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise.

Despite their similarities, however, Soul Sacrifice creator Keiji Inafune, in a post on his blog made after Monday’s announcement, wanted gamers to know that if they “think of Soul Sacrifice as just another simple ‘Hunter’ game, then they should be prepared to have those expectations betrayed – in a good way.” In the same post, he also said the development team has been getting a lot of positive feedback from previous builds of the work-in-progress title, and that he’s looking forward to seeing more player feedback later this month (December 20) when a beefy demo of the game comes out on PSN in Japan.

Although the premise in Soul Sacrifice is fairly similar to Monster Hunter and other games of its ilk, this title places an emphasis on magical attacks, story development, and consequences of player choice: After defeating each boss monster, the monster reverts back to his original human form, and at that point you and your friends have to decide if you’d like to save his soul (improves your defensive stats), or sacrifice the poor sod to power up your attacks.

When one of your party members die during a mission, you will also have to make a similar decision: give up some of your health in order to revive your friend, or “sacrifice” him to call forth a powerful summon creature.

 Here’s what the story in Soul Sacrifice is about, from a press release:

The story begins in a hopeless nightmare. You are thrown into a cramped prison cell with no explanation, slave to a cruel sorcerer. The day of your death draws ever nearer, but one day, you encounter a book.

This mystical tome has the power to draw its reader in, allowing them to experience what is inscribed within. The story begins with the discovery of this book. A book… or rather, a monster in “book” form. Is it an enemy, or your ally?

Battles beyond your wildest imagination await.


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