Who could it be? Update (December 17): link to a video of the secret boss appended at the end of the post.

It’s just one-and-a-half more days to the December 17 release of free-to-download PC game Street Fighter X Mega Man, created by Singapore’s very own “Sonic” Seow Zong Hui (you’ve seen some of his handiwork behind in the sprite animations for Cross-Counter Asia’s 8-bit opening intros).

To drum up even more hype to this highly-anticipated tribute to two of Capcom’s strongest video game franchises, Capcom-Unity has put out a quick documentary video to tell the origins story of Street Fighter X Mega Man, complete with interviews with all the parties involved in making this amazing release  a reality.

As a bonus, the video contains some footage of the Vega/Claw stage that has yet to be shown in any of the trailers or gameplay footage of Street Fighter X Mega Man that has come before it, and during his interview bit, creator Zong Hui also drops a megaton bomb for fans looking: it won’t just have a last boss (cos, you know, it wouldn’t be a Mega Man game if you didn’t have to fight through all eight bosses again before confronting a final boss), but also a secret last boss.

Make sure you download Street Fighter X Mega Man come December 17 (US time; December 18 our time) from the Capcom-Unity blog! And tell all your friends about it!

And just in case you can’t contain your excitement and really must know who the secret last boss is, check it out over here at this link.

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