Fate Testarossa Swimsuit ver

Fate and Nanoha are inseparable, without a doubt. That’s exactly the reason why Good Smile Company is releasing a figure that will soon join your lone Nanoha Takamachi Swimsuit ver.

Mikatan has announced that the pre-orders for the 1/4th Scale Fate Testarossa: Swimsuit ver. have commenced. Shipping will start in June this year. The figure’s retail price is 12,600 JPY (around 141 USD).

The figurine is huge that it almost stands out like a trophy. In fact, it’s even bigger than a 500 ml bottle. See?

Fate Testarossa Swimsuit ver1

The 2010 film Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st inspired this upcoming Fate Testarossa figure. She holds a blue pareo printed with hibiscus flower designs. Gift, the manufacturer of the figure, did a good job with the overall design—the details are excellent all the way down to Fate’s toes. Testarossa also wears on her face an innocent and irresistibly charming expression.

Can’t contain your excitement in seeing how both swimsuit versions look together? Here’s a picture of the Nanoha and Fate figures side by side:

Nanoha and Fate Swimsuit versions

Source: Mikatan’s Blog (English Version)

P.S. Have your Miku Nendoroid relax with the two beach cuties:

Miku Nendoroid and Nanoha Swimsuit figure accessory


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