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Aliens: Colonial Marines, the latest first-person shooter title in the sci-fi franchise, is finally being released worldwide for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, on February 12 (coincidentally, near Valentine’s day).

In this latest addition to the series, gamers will fight an extra-terrestrial threat from the first-person point-of-view of a US Colonial Marine. An array of iconic weapons from the 1986 film can be accessed, such as shotgun, pulse rifle, and various RPGs. And who can forget the nerve-wrecking motion tracker, which long-time players of the game franchise both love and hate.

A  new competitive multiplayer mode has been introduced. Players not only get to choose to fight as the main protagonist, but also as the nastiest and deadliest life-form any man could encounter: the Xenomorphs.

in-game screenshot

To add to the excitement, the Limited and the Collector’s Editions are available for pre-orders!

In the Limited edition, players will get to immerse themselves in the games as the four characters from the original film, Not only that, you get to enhance your game character with additional customizations, and get access to Ripley’s flamethrower! Cool huh?

But that’s not all, in the Collector’s Edition, you not only get the contents from the Limited Edition, but also exclusive weapons and game levels. To top it off, every Collector’s Edition will be packed with a high quality resin Powerloader vs Xenomorph figurine!

ACM collectors edition

Both Limited and Collector’s Edition can be pre-order on various online stores.

So, what will you be doing on Valentine’s day?




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