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One of the most coveted items at Comic Market 83 last weekend was anime studio Shaft’s “Madoka Magica the Movie Key Animation Note extra” art book which, like all good things at Comiket, was promptly sold out at the event

…Only to be found available again shortly afterwards on Yahoo! Japan Auctions and other similar sites where the book is now listed for some far-fetched price several times its initial going rate.  Because normally such event-specific items are sold only at Comic Market and never again re-issued.

Fortunately for Madoka Magica fans who weren’t able to make it to Comiket 83, however, Shaft has decided to issue a second batch of the Key Animation Note extra art book, now slated to hit book stores all across Japan at the end of February, with pre-orders beginning from January 7. Talk about a kick in the teeth for those blood-sucking, money-grabbing, greedy online auctioners.

The 368-paged A4-size art book contains over 1,000 pieces of original sketches and illustrations, all of which centered on the new scenes featured in the pair of Madoka Magica movies – like the intro sequence that visually accompanied the movie’s new opening theme Luminous, and the various heroine’s Mahou Shoujo “henshin” sequences. Additionally, the cover of the art book (pictured below) was illustrated by Junichiro Taniguchi specially for this release.


For the most part, the pair of Madoka Magica movies were really an abridged “director’s cut” re-telling of the TV anime series’ story with new scenes inserted here and there, so the fact that the “Key Animation Note extra” art book doesn’t contain any illustrations from the TV anime series is pretty reassuring, since there was already an art book released for that.

Although the art book was previously sold for 4,000 yen at Comiket 83, when it’s sold at book stores all across Japan in February it will now be priced at 4,200 yen instead. This second-press edition will also not come with the bonus “Rakugaki Note” (a collection of messages and sketches from the anime movie’s staff, including Gen Urobuchi and Junichiro Taniguchi) mini-booklet that was given out to fans who bought the book at Comiket; it just wouldn’t be fair to those who lined up otherwise.


Outside of the Madoka Magica art book, Shaft also had on sale exclusively at Comiket 83 new art books for Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb and Bakemonogatari, as well as a Magical Suite Prism Nana “Prism Box” set that contains the show’s pilot animations and a CD soundtrack. Although today’s announcement is only for the Madoka Magica art book, Shaft says on its website that they are looking into possibly doing a second batch of these other goods as well.

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb Production Note
『ひだまりスケッチ×ハニカム ぷろだくしょんのーと』

hidamari sketch x honeycombhidamari sketch x honeycomb 02
Contains reference materials (characters, settings) used in the production of the anime. The form factor of the book is designed to resemble the Hidamari Apartments that Yuno and her friends reside in.


  • Cover illustrated by creator Ume Aoki
  • B5-Size
  • 288 full-colour pages
  • Includes a case


Bakemonogatari Key Animation Note prologue
『化物語 KEY ANIMATION NOTE prologue』


Contains original illustrations for part of episode 1 in the Bakemonogatari TV anime series. Specifically, the materials here cover the start of episode 1 all the way until right before the OP begins (from the part where protagonist Koyomi Araragi meets up with Tsubasa Hanekawa, until the part where he catches a falling Hitagi Senjougahara)


  • Cover illustrated by Akio Watanabe
  • Size: 195x200mm
  • 208 full-colour pages
  • Includes a case


Magical Suite Prism Nana PRISM BOX
「まじかるすいーとプリズム・ナナ PRISM BOX」

prism nana

Set Contains:

  • Pilot PV Animation PV (all 7 animations, a total of 14 minutes’ runtime)
  • Original soundtrack (all 7 tracks)
  • Special booklet
  • Size: 297x297mm

Comiket attendees who purchased any of the aforementioned books (the Prism Nana box set didn’t count, as it was sold at a partner’s booth, instead of at Shaft’s) also received special paper bags with Sasami@Ganbaranai illustrations printed on them to take home their merchandise in; I don’t think we can expect to see these reproduced even if Shaft decides to re-issue every other item they sold at Comiket 83.

Here’s what the illustrations on the paper bag looked like:




Source: Shaft


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