When Comics Fiesta suddenly announced that they have gotten bless4 as a guest performer on the last week leading to the event, SGCafe managed to gather up this exclusive interview with the quartet.


From left: Aiki, Kanasa, Akino, and Akashi

1) Welcome to Malaysia! I understand that you performed at Taipei a couple of days ago before Comics Fiesta, how do you find the crowd?

They were really nice and wild! They were really honest, like when Akino asked “Do you love anime?”, everyone responded with “suki desu!”, and Akashi joked saying that “Thank you for saying you love me so much!”

They were really fun. We’re looking forward to the concert tonight too!


2) Everyone loves bless4 here, and everyone loves the Aquarion series! Have you watched Sousei no Aquarion or Aquarion EVOL?

We watched Sousei no Aquarion, as for Aquarion EVOL we were watching it real time, we were travelling around many countries but we had it recorded. We haven’t watch till the end yet, but we really want to watch it! We really like it because it has a lot of important messages inside of it. The visuals and the fight scenes just stands out.


3) Who is your favourite character in the most recent Aquarion anime, Aquarion EVOL and why?

Akino: I really like Fudo Zen because he’s strange. He makes you go “What is he trying to say?” but in the end, there’s always a message all the time that makes you realize “oh, I need to think more!”

Akashi: I’d like to say, Mikono. She’s cute!

Kanasa: I kinda like Jin and Yunoha, that was like my favourite episode.

Aiki: I like Andy, Andy’s cool. Kagura is cool too. Amata is okay but usually guys that waits for the girls are called “herbivores” in Japan, and I think Amata is a herbivore. Maybe if he’s a bit of a carnivore then…maybe. But nah I’m just kidding!


4) How long did you guys take to learn Japanese?

I guess you can understand the language within 6 months if you live there, but speaking it actually depends on the person. At the 6 months point you can probably tell people what you want, like it’s not very fluent but you can get through the people. 6 months is a good mark!


5) Any messages to your fans out there?

Akashi: Thank you very much, it’s our first time here in Malaysia, we’re just happy to be here and we’re looking forward to meeting everybody here! My message is that, just stay true to yourself and be cool, just have fun!

Aiki: It’s our first time in Malaysia and we’re really having a blast. The food is great, the people are really nice. We still want to have a lot more fun with you guys, like jump together, sing together. We haven’t finished our performance yet but we’ll love to come back.

Kanasa: Like everyone said, it’s our first time here, and we have a positive impression of Malaysia and definitely wants to know more about the country and all of you, and also the anime here, the culture, etc. And in order for us to do that we want to have fun with all of you so we’ll get ourselves ready for that!

Akino: We’re just having so much fun, it doesn’t feel like a first time because everyone’s so warm. We don’t really know Malay but the next time we come, we’ll like to speak a little bit more! So we’ll work on that. Ganbarimasu! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


We are glad that the energetic bless4 didn’t disappoint during that night’s performance – well, how could they ever?

Look out for more of our CF2012 posts soon!


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