You have probably seen tons of images with cars filled with custom decals of popular anime or Vocaloid characters. But how about motorcycles? 

The featured bikes here aren’t your typical vehicle slapped on with a scantily clad 2D character decal done up in the workshop. They actually feel like it could possibly exist within the realm of the anime series they are adapted from.

Gundam fans (more specifically, Char Aznable fans) would love what Japanese blogger meikyousisui_22 have. Decked in full Zeonic gear; jackets, gloves and a bike that puts many similar customs to shame.


Ever thought on how would EVA-01’s colour scheme look like on a bike? Well, from the images below you can be sure that it will be eye-catching on the road. In a good way, of course. The custom paint job is awesome, and the decal placements make it feel as though EVA-01 turned into a motorcycle.


What will your ideal Itasha or Ita-bike be like, and how would you like it to be designed?

Source: mechaguy


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