As far as Japanese idol groups go, there aren’t many varieties that come to Singapore, with the exception of  AKB48 and its sister groups. Just for one night, Ebisu Muscats gave the local audience something slightly different from conventional idol groups. 

Held at the Star Theatre located right next to Buona Vista MRT station, a sheltered walkway takes you from the station to the concert hall with little fuss.


The concert was delayed for an estimated of 40 minutes before the ladies started with dance covers, including Gangnam Style. The audience was mostly tame for most of the parts, but right up until the segments in between each song performance blocks of 3 to 4 songs.

Each segment will have 2 lucky guys from the audience selected to play a role as the boyfriend of 2 of the ladies. Using different methods to entice the guys while keeping content visually PG-13 and above, each of the ladies deploy methods from being seductive, to acting coy and cute, to the “tsundere” treatment many guys are susceptible to.


Those who know Japanese will even understand the underlying words that come with an abundance of innuendo some of the ladies picked. The guys will then pick one of the two ladies he prefers, and gets an autographed poster for being a sport and volunteer. (Though of course, which guy wouldn’t want to volunteer themselves?) 

As far as fan reactions go, the crowd was very tame during the performances, but heated up during the role play segments. Ebisu Muscat sure took the effort to practice their English, as it is evident they try to communicate with the Singaporean audience with the best of their abilities.

The ladies performed a number of their hit songs, including Watashi MamboEbisu Rotary Shimai and Chocolate.


Even during the encore segments, the audiences shouted for more. Apart from their final song, Ebisu Muscat did 2 additional song performances despite the odds.

It is a pity that this particular idol group had to disband, as some of their jokes and antics do appeal to the local male audience. The idols were entertaining despite having initial doubts on their jokes and gags getting through with the audience. They managed to keep it simple for the locals, it seems.




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