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Crysis has struck the hearts of many with the amazing detail for its time. But will it be able to reinvent itself in terms of game play? I managed to test out the PC version of the beta today to see if the new Hunter mode lives up to its name. 


The beta allows you to dive into the game within two minutes after launching, one if you have a fast connection and not fumble during your login. Servers are plentiful and speedy, perhaps due to the fact the beta’s just released. Up to three option add-on parts can be attached to your weapons, though as far as we have tested, we don’t have that option to fiddle with one… yet.


Game Modes

The game has 2 modes, namely the familiar Crash Site and the new Hunter mode.  The two maps, Airport and Museum are of standard Crysis affair – decently sized with loads of nook and crannies to hide and ambush. And of course, corner.

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Right, so Hunter mode. The concept seemed complex but it is actually pretty simple – you have two minutes to kill off all Cell Operatives (if you spawn as a Hunter with a badass one-hit-kill bow) or hold out through these two minutes if you are a Cell Operative. You will spawn as a Hunter if you are killed, and so will your other Cell Operative team mates.

The Hunter Bow itself is awesome in itself, and will provide a one hit kill to any of your targets, but only if you pull the Bow long enough to reach maximum tension. And that, needs time. Obviously the Hunters have more pros than cons compared to being a measly Cell Operative. After all, being a Hunter is -almost- having cheat codes on. Running without any sound and permanently cloaked?

Of course,  you must think “Cell Operatives have no chance then.” Armed with only an EMP grenade, and either an assault rifle, sniper rifle or shotgun.

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Well, for one, working together helps, as the Bow has a ‘charge time’ to prepare for its next shot. And after every shot, the cloaking will flicker, providing you an opening to lob and EMP grenade at the Hunter and overwhelm him with sheer firepower.

Gathering kills as a Hunter or staying alive as long as possible (while getting as many kills as possible) is the rule of the game. There isn’t much lag, but we shall see when the full version of the game comes out.


Perks and Achievements

Every time you level up or achieve certain criteria, you are awarded with points and perks, as well as increase your level. Pretty much the same as the previous Crysis, but the game changer this time are the Challenges.

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As you fulfil each Challenge, you get more XP, which in turn gives you better abilities as you level up. Be careful, each Challenge has a match cycle limit, so if you think that the Challenge will remain after 3 multiplayer matches, don’t be surprised if it changes to another by the next match.

While the Hunter mode breathes a fresh outlook to recent FPS games, I feel that the immersion will only be heightened as levels go higher, with more abilities, perks and weapon add-on parts to fit your play style.

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