Keion puppets

Lately, I’ve been raving about the magnificent ideas behind different Japanese merchandise but, alas, some creative minds went way out of the box.

Lawson, a Japanese convenience store franchise, had a K-On! movie receipt promo last year. The campaign had offers that included jump suits, autographed luggage and toy puppets of K-On! characters. The items started shipping this month, and unfortunately, some weren’t too happy about the puppets they received (even the blogger over at Yaraon thinks that they’re scary).

Beware, for what you’re about to see might disturb your good night’s sleep.

Keion puppets 1

Although you may not like the sight of the adorable K-On! characters transformed into creepy-looking toys, there might be some of you who are too curious about the other pictures. The rest of the photos of the K-On! puppets can be found here, but don’t blame me if you have a nightmare tonight. You have been warned!

Sources: Crunchyroll andやらおん!


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