Evangelion and Sanrio

It’s impressive how the Japanese never ever run out of exotic ideas. I mean, who would have thought that the terrifying EVA Unit-01 could turn into something… so kawaii?

Legendary anime franchise Evangelion is collaborating with Sanrio to offer fans a variety of extraordinarily cute merchandise.

Without further ado, I now present to you their latest offering: here’s Hello Kitty as EVA Unit-01!

Hello Kitty EVA unit 01 plushie

This plushie can be pre-ordered from ZOZOTOWN. It costs 2,100 JPY (around 23 USD). And if you can’t get enough of this purple Hello Kitty plushie, you can get its miniature version in a form of a keychain which costs 1,050 (about 12 USD). Shipping of both products will commence around mid-March.

That’s not the only result of the unlikely collaboration. We all know that Sanrio is famous for turning anything into something cute. And now, even the monstrous Angels have become adorable.

Strap-ya, an online shop offering mobile phone accessories based in Kanagawa, is currently offering iPhone 5 cases with designs of Hello Kitty as EVA Unit-01 together with chibi versions of the Angels wearing Hello Kitty’s red ribbon. Goodness! Even the Spear of Longinus, which crashed into was displayed in Tokyo last month, has a ribbon tied on it.

Check them out:

Hello Kitty x Evangelion iPhone 5 casings

Each polycarbonate casing costs 1,980 JPY (around 22 USD).

This isn’t the first time an Evangelion x Hello Kitty collaboration has happened. Last year, boxer briefs were offered by the official Evangelion store. The underwear designs featured Hello Kitty as Rei and Asuka.

Source: みんなのエヴァンゲリオン, RocketNews24


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