Many guys would have heard about Ebisu Muscats, regardless of its members individually or as a group through various sources. But not many have the chance to be able to meet them in person, as SGCafe was able to attend the press conference of the idol group earlier today.

Held somewhere within Resorts World Sentosa, nine of the ladies came to the stage for an introduction of themselves as well as a quick Q&A session with the media presented at the press conference.

Question: Welcome to Singapore! First off, what are your impressions of Singapore thus far? 
Ebisu Muscats: It is a very clean country, and the people very warm and nice towards us!

Q: Why is Singapore being picked as one of the slots for your Asia Tour? 
EB: Because we love Singapore! :laughs:

Q: What do you think of the fans in Singapore? 
EB: There are a lot of comments from fans in Singapore, and through their response and comments, we have the impression that the fans here are very warm and friendly!


Q: What are the biggest challenge Ebisu Muscats have faced throughout its career?
EB: As you know, it is Ebisu Muscats’ first time performing  in Singapore, and thus we feel that not knowing the audience’s response is one of the biggest challenges for us. We also hope that this is a chance to entertain the audience and make it an enjoyable and fun experience!

Q: So for this tour, what have you prepared specially for Singapore fans? How long did it take to prepare for this Asia Tour?
EB: It’s a secret! :giggles: It took us 2 months to prepare this time for our Asia Tour.

Q: It has been announced that Ebisu Muscats will be disbanding this coming April. What do you feel about the disbandment of the group?
EB: To be honest, there have been many false rumour of our disbandment all these while, right up until recently where it is official. And it came as a surprise, since all these while many people have the impression that the official announcement might be just another rumour as well. Of course, all of us are a little sad about the news. But our mentor told us to treat it as a new beginning of our future careers, and to have a positive outlook on the challenges ahead.

Q: In that case, why is it that Ebisu Muscats are disbanding at this point? 
EB: Our mentor has advised that it is optimal for us to disband while we are at our peak (of popularity).

Q: Any future plans for your careers after disbanding? 
EB: We are happy to be travelling to Singapore as Ebisu Muscats, but we also hope to be able to do the same in the future individually regardless, and be able to perform in Singapore once more.
Nishino Sho: Recently I’ve been involved in a film based in Thailand. As I love to act, it would be really great if there are career opportunities to be able to act in Singapore as well.


Q: What is Ebisu Muscats charming point in attracting their fanbase?
EB: In Japan, we are not only portrayed as a multi-talented idol group branded with the sexy image in mind, but also our forte in variety shows with comedic elements. For Singapore, we wish to portray ourselves as sexy, cute and multi-talented idols. Another strong point is that each of our members have very individual personalities that appeal to different guys, like cute and energetic, matriarch/sister figure of the group, slightly ditsy, and so on.

Q: Do you have different feeling performing at different locations during this Asia Tour?
EB: It is currently winter in Japan and very very cold, while it’s humid in Singapore. Since South Korea was pretty much the same weather as Japan, we immediately felt relieved (from the cold) when we reached Singapore.

Q: Any special beauty regimes to share with us? 
EB: Actually, I have gained a bit of weight recently :laughs: Just eat a lot, and sleep a lot.

Q: Do you exercise everyday or have a workout regime? 
EB: We don’t really exercise much, but we make extra effort to keep ourselves in top shape during preparation of our live concerts.

The ladies were also asked on what sort of qualities they have on their ideal boyfriend, of which their response was a guy with a great smile, dressed well for the occasion and perhaps watching a sports match together; basically enjoying each other’s company.

The the bubbly, cute and sexy Ebisu Muscats will be performing tomorrow ‘live’ at the Star Performing Arts Theatre located within the vincinity of Buona Vista MRT,  from 7PM onwards. Tickets are available at Sistic, and priced at S$188 (Meet & Greet), S$128, S$98, and S$68. The highest tier tickets applicable for the meet-and-greet are already sold out.

Watch them perform and interact with everyone in the audience, and yes even you if you have gotten your tickets! Performing members include Rio, Akiho Yoshizawa, Yuma Asami, Minori Hatsune, Kaho Kasumi, Sho Nishino, Nanako Kodama, Ayako Yamanaka, Mui Kuriyama & Yuria Satomi. Don’t miss their last performance ever as a group!


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